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posted by: Stephanie Collins on 2/8/2018

Thank you to everyone who will pray for me and my family. I need prayer for God to guide and direct me to a Doctor who will treat me with respect and dignity. I have several health issues mental and physical and emotional. I ask that He heals me. He has healed me of some things!!! Thanks be to God!🙌 Other health problems He told me He will be healing me and delivering me through some processes. I'm reaching out to my Church Family now. I need you to pray for God to giude me and direct me and Zach. Who what and where I will get the healthcare and psychological care that God has for us and for my specific needs. Only He knows. Only He can (and has already in certain cases!) provide me the care and help that my family needs too for me to just be healthy! Stable. Whole. Everything God wants for us to be! And become! Thank you and God bless you all, in Jesus name!!!🙌
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