student ministries

Student Ministry is a vital part of CLC.  We are a multigenerational church seeking to build strong families.
Hyphen Young Adults (18-30 yrs)

Just as a hyphen is a symbol used to connect, CLC’s Hyphen group seeks to connect college and career focused young adults to God, church, ministry and each other.  Led by Nathan and Rebecca Peterson, their goals are to train, disciple and empower young adults in preparation for lifelong involvement in ministry and service in God’s kingdom.  Hyphen members are encouraged to reach out and share Jesus’ love and life-changing power to those who are searching who don’t have Him; while helping those who do draw closer to Him; and turning those who slide away, back towards Him. (Matt 9:37-38, Heb 3:13, James 5:20)

Chosen Generation Youth (12-18 yrs)

Chosen Generation Youth group is committed to creating a fun, safe and comfortable atmosphere for Junior and Senior high school students to develop friendships, while supporting the Core Values of CLC.  We believe adolescence is not a waiting room for adulthood, but a training ground to find your purpose and identity in Jesus Christ.  Chosen Generation is led by a Youth Team that is committed to teaching sound doctrine and instilling the importance of developing a personal relationship with Jesus Christ through the establishment of spiritual disciplines including daily prayer, bible reading and sharing God’s love.


(Wednesdays, 7pm, Youth Chapel)

Synthesize is the weekly high-energy youth service open to all students that involves them in worship, music, and dynamic preaching from the Youth team and guest speakers.  Students are encouraged to evangelize their schools and jobs by inviting friends and coworkers to come and experience God in a way that is real and powerful.  Each service concludes with a time of hanging out, talking, and getting to know each other.  We invite you to come join us!

Junior High class (7-8th grade)

The Junior High class meets on Sunday mornings in the Youth Chapel following the morning worship service.  The goal is to teach our young people the eternal truths of God’s Word in an age appropriate manner.